Probus Clubs in North Wales


Colwyn Bay Club

Colwyn Bay Probus is a thriving club whose members meet at lunchtime on the second Wednesday of each month.

The agenda is simple: relax and enjoy the company of like-minded men who have retired from work but not from active life!

Meetings start with drinks from the bar, followed by a leisurely meal. Once coffee is served, members are entertained by a guest speaker on any subject, ranging from diving for sunken treasure to the Ancient Order of Froth Blowers.

After questions and any announcements, that’s it: no formality, no fund-raising.

The club, whose members come mainly from Abergele and the Colwyn area, meets at Colwyn Bay Cricket Club. It is permanently open to new members, who are assured of a warm welcome.

Anyone interested should first contact the secretary, Howard Ewing using the following form.