Probus Clubs in North Wales

What is a Probus Club - Retirement Stimulation

   Found in most towns, a regular meeting of retired and semi-retired PROfessional and BUSiness people, men only and mixed clubs, for Morning Coffee, or Lunch.

ProBus was formed in the U.K. in 1965 in Welwyn Garden City by a member of Rotary, Fred Carnhill, and has now spread throughout the world. Initially to provide a focal point over a lunch for social interaction between similar men after they had retired, which was lacking at that time.

We usually meet monthly, midweek, for a convivial pre-lunch chat together, usually in a Bar, with like-minded people who soon become friends. Then a Set Lunch with a Speaker afterwards on any topic at all.  The only Rule we have is that you are financially beholden to notify the organiser if you are unable to attend one month as your Lunch will have been ordered for you.

Probus also has Special Events, and outings as and when we wish, to wherever we decide, but not too far away, the only criteria is to have an enjoyable day out. Ladies, Partners and Guests are invited to these functions. We may also join with other Probus Clubs for extra social interaction.


        The Object of Probus is to promote good Fellowship.

                                                                   The Watchword being Informality.

 No commitments, no monetary restraints

                                                    nor requirement to Fundraise.

    No central organisation as each club is totally self-governing.

The free Probus Magazine, published quarterly, is the only national publication enabling clubs to communicate, share experiences and ask for or impart advice.

Should the above sound sufficiently interesting to you, do please contact your local club by ‘clicking’ on a Town Button alongside, and email for further information as to where and when we meet, you will be more than welcome.

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